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11:17 AM, Dec 3, 2003 toot this
Linux Laptop
I have managed to get linux installed and working on my laptop. I hope to get some of the other features, like firewire, usb, DVD, CD writing, and 802.11b working. As it is, I can browse the web, check email, view documents and spreadsheets, listen to music and watch movies on it. Anyway, I have everything I need with it right now, and the rest will just be really nice, once I get around to getting them working.


Latey_McThirdshift responded:

12:02 AM, Dec 4, 2003

bahua brooked no delay in saying:
USB is working.

12:57 AM, Dec 4, 2003

bahua responded:
After some tinkering I now have a USB mouse working perfectly, and I am able to get images off my camera. I no longer have any reason to go back to using windows with this laptop.

12:04 PM, Dec 4, 2003

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