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3:41 PM, May 12, 2008 toot this
Beer for Health?
So far, I have been to the Flying Saucer every day since they opened, so I can stay on top of the UFO club list. It shortly occurred to me how unhealthy and patently unsustainable it is to drink three beers every single day. But I noticed something else too. I have had more energy lately, and I've been sleeping better. You see, the bar is about a mile away, and the walk between my place and there goes over relatively undulating streets. In short, I'm actually getting exercise that I never got before, so whether I continue in this hopeless crusade to maintain a daily minimum intake of three beers or not, I think a daily trip would be worthwhile, albeit with (much)lower consumption.

I went on Saturday for a "quick three," but settled down for four or five more when the heavens opened up and dumped ridiculous amounts of rain on the downtown streets. After the rain appeared to have completely subsided, I settled my tab and headed out into the newly cold air to meet Nick at his house. We went to Gilhouly's, where they're taking full advantage of the last three weeks of legal smoking in Kansas City, and closed it. Nick and Anna and I then went to Taqueria Mexico on Southwest Boulevard for late-late night food. I didn't get home until after 3am, and I was drunk.

I was cruelly reminded of this when I woke up at 9am for seemingly no reason. I soon found out though that I was jolted awake by my churning stomach. I optimistically popped a couple of antacids and settled back to sleep. It worked! I celebrated by still not folding my laundry.

UPDATE 5/13: I did not go last night, and it was awesome. I might not go tonight either!

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