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The Bus Prevails Again!
Kansas City received its first major snow last night. 5 or 6 new inches of snow adorn the ground. When I left my apartment for work today, I was expecting to have to plod through a half a foot of snow, six blocks over to the 10th & Main Transit Plaza. With this in mind, I put on different shoes than I normally wear to work, and put my normal shoes into a bag, with a fresh pair of socks, and set off. To my surprise and distinct pleasure, all of the pavement between my doorstep and the bus station, with the exception of my doorstep, was completely cleared. This was also very nice, considering the biting winds, and temperatures in the low teens.

The bus, as can be expected on a day like today, was a little late in arriving, but made it along in good time, all things considered. Besides, if it had been on time, I'd have probably missed it. The most interesting part of the trip was coming up the hill to 31st, out of Penn Valley Park. Dozens of morons, under the delusion that laying on the accelerator will work in the snow, were clogging the hillside with their expensive, once-useful cars, facing every direction but the right one.

After a frustrating five or ten minutes, the bus driver, to great applause from his passengers, took matters into his own hands. He pulled the bus into the left, oncoming lane, and took care of business. I thought that'd be a funny story to relate. By the way, this was all written on the bus, in emails to myself from my pager. Technology, woo.


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2:01 PM, Dec 10, 2003

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scp access..... please. Did you notice a real hit from me downloading stuff?

8:32 AM, Dec 11, 2003

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9:58 AM, Dec 14, 2003

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