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2:25 PM, Nov 4, 2006 toot this
Last Night Killed Tonight
On Thursday night, I had no plans at all for Friday. It was First Friday of course, so that provided something to do, but I still had no concrete plans. At about 3pm, I was talking with Chris over IM, and he told me that he was meeting up with Nick that night, I started IMing with other people, and quickly saw that it was going to be a big night. It was.

From Bulldog at 6pm to a smoke-fest at Harling's, to being a fifth wheel at Blayney's in Westport until closing at 3am, it was a long but fun night. I had promised another friend that I'd meet her at one point in the night, but it never really worked out. All told, I hung out with about fifteen people last night, and drank too much all the while.

We thankfully did not get any late-night food on the way home, because if we had I probably would have vomited this morning.

I ran a few errands this afternoon, but other than that I don't see myself leaving home again today.

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