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Give Thanks and Eat Copiously
Thanksgiving is upon us. Tonight is the fifth annual Friends' Thanksgiving Party at Colin and Jami's place. This will be my third attendance at said party. Tomorrow I'll go with Liana to her family's house for Thanksgiving dinner itself. Following dinner, I have been told, there will be a competitive trivia game based on the show Seinfeld, in which all others will be shamed by my equally shameful knowledge of said television programme.

Friday is wide open, though I think I recall someone saying something about something happening or being planned or something on Friday night. We'll see.

Saturday is the "Border War," an American football contest between the squadrons of the Universities of Missouri and of Kansas. Last year it was highly anticipated and was the subject of a major national broadcast, as both teams were very highly ranked. This year, the Kansas team is irrelevant compared to Missouri's team, and Missouri's team is irrelevant compared to any other team. Nonetheless, a group of us will find a place to watch the game and drink beers and hit each other's heads with our hands and feet.

It'll be a fun couple of days.

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