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The Girl from Wallasey
I woke up this morning refreshed from a full night's sleep. When I was in San Francisco, my snoring problem prompted my friend Callie to prompt me to invest in some Breathe Right strips, which I had never tried before. I met with limited success using them there, though Callie assured me that it quieted my log-sawing significantly. Presumably in an attempt to preserve their business, the package instructs the user to keep wearing the strips for six or seven nights straight.

Well last night I wore them again, for the second night in a row, and let me say it was fantastic. For the first time since I can remember, I slept the whole night with my mouth closed the whole time, except to curse at a drunken text message at 3:30am. I remember my childhood dentist, Dr. Hillemeyer, telling me that keeping your mouth closed when you sleep is good for your teeth, because of some kind of bacterial battle or something I can't rememeber now. But I also remember sitting in that dentist's chair and thinking, "Sleep with my mouth closed? Fat chance! How will I breathe?"

I went to work this morning with the sun in my eyes, and any good mood I had was quickly forgotten as I dealt with both the piercing light of the sun and the fact that the other people on the highway only went slow when they were in front, and would angrily whip around me when I'd pass them with the six-over-the-limit cruise control on.

I got to the office, got a little work done, and proceeded to manifest my bad mood through pessimistic forum posts. The unknown semi-distant network guy that laughs like the Crypt Keeper drove me to my headphones, and I put on Push Barman to Old Wounds by Belle and Sebastian. Almost immediately, I felt relaxed and good-natured again. The moral of the story: Listen to Belle and Sebastian when you're feeling pissy.

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Two Hearted Ale
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