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Laundry Machines
I've been able to cross off some items in the list below, and get a bunch of work done on top of that. Also, I gave myself gas today for eating a 10-oz burger at the Flea Market, washing it down with a Bully! Porter.

I did my laundry tonight. The last load is in the dryer now. I'm very happy with the laundry machines I bought through a popular web site for a grand total of $200. Their cabins, or whatever you call the inside of a washing machine or dryer, hold far more contents than any units I have used before. My elation with the deal I got was amplified when Jeff and I were at Home Depot this weekend, when I saw that a smaller, shinier set cost a full $2100 more than what I paid.

Seriously, what possesses people to spend this kind of money on something that in most cases, they don't need at all? Laundry machines are tools- nothing more. It's not a sports car, a diamond necklace, or a big-screen TV. You don't show off your laundry machines to visitors. You keep them in the basement, specifically to keep them out of view. It's like a furnace or a water heater. So facing the fact that they're purely objects of utility, why drop a zillion dollars to replace something that works perfectly well?

Never mind. I'm still getting over the great deal I apparently got, though it seems that there are almost always good deals to be had on used laundry machines, since people are constantly replacing them with new ones for jaw-dropping prices. I wouldn't have mine if not for some folks in Overland Park getting that inexplicable impulse to replace that which does not need replacing.


1970's commented:
I want my laundry machines back!

12:14 PM, Apr 11, 2007

bahua replied:
You made good laundry machines!

12:57 PM, Apr 11, 2007

alexander noname commented:
someone who drinks $2k in beer a week fusses about those who can afford to discard junk washers/dryers. go figure.

9:36 AM, Apr 12, 2007

bahua responded:
Uh, that would be my roommate, not me. And they aren't junk. That's exactly my point. If they were junk, I'd understand.

11:37 AM, Apr 12, 2007

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