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4.87 Miles
June 19th I met up with Kelly and Terra for a walk tonight. Even though I had previously agreed to meet them both at my front door, I had completely forgotten about it, and started walking to Kelly's place. When I had gotten about twenty steps from my front door, Terra drove by, right in front of me. Processes started firing off in my head.

So I called her, and she asked me what the hell I was doing, as she promptly reminded me of the plans I had made. I turned in my path, went back to my door, and waited for the ladies. Terra came around the block after parking, shortly, but we waited a short while for Kelly, so we each grabbed a beer and sat outside, waiting for her. Kelly ambled up a few minutes later, and we were underway. We went through the West Side, looking at the pretty Mexican homes, parks, murals, galleries, schools, and whatnot.

When we reached 20th St, I insisted that we not walk back up the hellish hill we had just descended, as the spots on my shirt had congealed into a pangaea of sweat, both of the front and the back. So, we walked over to Locust, and stepped into Grinders for a halfway drink and a bite to eat. From there, we came back north, and found that in all the construction hubbub, that KC's only Toynbee tile has been either removed or destroyed.

From there, we walked up Grand to the River Market, where in our stupid rock-kicking game, I almost broke the front window at River Market Brewing Company as we passed. Terra had to pee something fierce, so we called on Erp and Jay at their place on the west side of the River Market area. We hung out there for a bit, and everybody had a smoke. Not me of course. I think that crap is disgusting.

We discussed upcoming travel plans, kickball, and the general state of the world. It was actually very, very nice. After perhaps twenty minutes, we shuffled along, in the general direction of a point somewhere between Kelly's place and mine, in Quality Hill. On the way, we made sure to cross the highway on the old abandoned streetcar bridge that feeds into May St. On the way over, I windshielded a speeding Grand Am with a big sticky loogie. I was very proud.

When we reached 10th St, we made to part ways, and Kelly remembered that she'd left all her personal effects at my place, including her treasured ipod device. So we all walked up to my apartment, got some water, exchanged gross sweaty hugs, and retired in our various directions. I directed myself directly into the shower.

It was a lovely evening.

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