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12:29 AM, Jan 28, 2004 toot this
ID Tags
Couple things. First, I got the new Rio Karma 20 GB portable music player last week, and have come to the frustrating conclusion that I have to update my thousands of files with id tags. To help with that, I downloaded a nifty program called Tagscanner, which takes a lot of the menial parts out of manipulating id tags for mp3 and ogg files. Second, I went and got a new couch over the weekend. Brian got some pictures, so you can check his stuff out. Work has become steadily a bit easier, as we use a new web-based app I wrote for tracking our progress, instead of the clunky single-user spreadsheet we were using before. I'm rather proud of it. Anyway, be careful if you drive to go places. It looks snowy out there.


Lunchkin took the time to say:
Goodbye, couches. We salute you.

7:44 AM, Jan 28, 2004

Dad replied:
Very nice couches, John. Now which ones are the old ones and which are the new ones?

Now seriously, folks, the picture looks great. Next thing you know, you'll be known as the KC playboy of the year! The book is still coming. I'm taking a B&N online course called "Thinking Like Your Editor," and it seems that I am doing many things right. Nevertheless, the course, and its textbook, are really good. Amy is having her first Doncaster event today, a preview of the spring/summer line. She's having some gals over and Mrs. Paris and Mrs. Hillemeyer are helping her. Deja Vu all over again. The Littles got their first computer - we couldn't get our old one to work. They are at ADDRESS. Drop them a line. Take care, big guy. - Dad

12:34 PM, Jan 29, 2004

Son interrupted with:
Hi dad!

12:40 PM, Jan 29, 2004

R._Heller had this to say:
When your dad says Amy is having her first Doncaster event, it brought back horrid memories of that HELL SPAWN Diana Doncaster. My first speech teacher my freshman year of college. That was the most horrid of demons I have ever come across.

6:22 AM, Jan 30, 2004

hagakure said:
The Couches look quite crash-on-able.

1:42 AM, Jan 31, 2004

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