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2:31 PM, Jul 18, 2005 toot this
The City of Roses
We arrived safely in Portland on Saturday night. I had never flown on a Saturday before, and I'm not sure if I ever will again, without great hesitation. I have never seen so many children on a plane before as I saw on flight 308. They were bouncing around, kicking my seat, yelling at each other, and otherwise being children. I had two beers, and watched three Family Guy episodes, and made a futile attempt to sleep.

I arrived in Portland, and met Alex to find that he had largely lost his hearing in his plane's descent. He described everyone's speech as a Charlie Brown adult-style "wah-wah." This did not stop us, however, from getting some drinks when we got to town. Including the beer festival yesterday, I would say that I have probably had about 30 beers since I have been here.

Today, I met up with Rob, the Portland counterpart of my partner, TJ, in my program. His system administrator left the company back in April, so he's been completely without technical assistance since then. I hlped him out with some things today, and he bought me lunch at some outdoor burger place on the Columbia, as we talked about this and that, and watched F-15s and F-16s take off overhead.

I am now going to give Mary Kay a call.

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