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1:06 PM, Feb 1, 2004 toot this
Super Bowl
It hadn't occured to me that the Super Bowl happens today, until I went to the store with Brian, and saw throngs of shoppers, looking for chips, beer, soda, barbecue paraphernalia, and assorted weekend-type food items. It looked like the grocery store where I worked in high school(which has now become a Walgreen's), on the day before a holiday, or when a slight deviation in weather was forecast. Empty, crumb-strewn shelves greeted us throughout the store, and all the commerce around us made us decide to purchase food for a "real" dinner, on Monday night.

I got my W2 back this week. Looks like I'm pretty seriously in the hole, this tax season. Guess I know where my bonus check goes, this year. Anyway, I'm just checking back in. I might have some news I can make public soon. Stay tuned.


polarbear thinks:
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, bahua!

6:47 PM, Feb 1, 2004

Throng! thinks:

8:40 AM, Feb 2, 2004

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