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8:12 PM, Jan 25, 2005 toot this
Beer before Trivia
Nathan and I went to The Brick on Friday night, for, "Trivia Riot," and won! We each walked away with $60 to pad our pockets, because of our "bet it all," strategy in the final round. It was a great deal of fun, and I am very anxious for the next trip, when we hope to take more people(and take home less in winnings), but I will miss it this weekend. I'll be in Boston having a raucous time at the Extreme Beer Fest with Carl, and saying hello to a select few other friends who will be in town for the event and otherwise.

Work, as usual, has been slow, with some meaningless political drama mixed in, to make it interesting. I look forward to running our exercise in Madison in March. We'll at least have something to fill our days with, in the days leading up to and including it.

Again, I extend the gravest apologies I can muster, for my pictures being down(for the most part). Matt the host tells me that the final, really final replacement machine is en route to its new home, at which point the DNS changes will be made, and will take effect, bringing you ridiculous pictures again.

I will have lots of information for you when I get some Boston down my throat.

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