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12/4/2002 11:25 PM
The Christmas season is upon us, and mozilla just came out(again) with the best browser release ever. In other news, I think I've had it with Roadrunner. They keep changing my IP address, and I'm sure this site is in violation of their terms of service. Also, they just aren't nearly as fast as they were, up to only a few weeks ago. So, I think I will switch to DSL, but am having a little trouble deciding with carrier we want. Southwestern Bell offers DSL, but it doesn't seem quite the deal I want, plus they require the purchase of a $400 router, and a $250 installation fee, so they can set up my DNS. The hell with that. Speakeasy is the coolest one I've seen, but the deal I once saw, that looked really good to me(1.5 down, 768 up, 4 static IP's for $100 a month) doesn't appear to be available where I live. The best I can do with them, for nonsymmetric upload, is 384 kbit. In the face of that, it doesn't appear that I can do any better than 384 K for upload without getting SDSL, and in that case, anything less than 1.5 down is too slow. Quite the conundrum, and it seems that the best deal is currently facilitated by Covad. One thing is certain, however. I need a static IP.

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