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9:58 AM, Aug 14, 2004 tweet this
I was going to go to Peoria, this weekend, for a pre-wedding barbecue with my friend Josh, but I had the nerve to get sick this week, and decided on Thursday night that I should just stay home. So, last night, I went and picked up a couple of sixpacks, and managed to get one delicious pumpkin-flavored beer down before being too tired to sit anymore. I went to bed at about 11 last night, and was awakened at about three in the morning by a drunken phone call from Geoff in California, very little of which I remember.

This week at work was a little sodden. I got sick on Wednesday, and called in on Thursday. I would have called in on Friday, if we didn't have an important demonstration of our software for the people we support. Luckily, it was rescheduled to eleven in the morning, and I got to go home right afterwards.

When I went to Gomer's last night, I was reminded that what my brother and I refer to as "beer season" is starting to threaten coming. The first sign thereof was the arrival of Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale. In the coming weeks, more and more delicious beers will arrive at Gomer's and elsewhere, the next batch being Octoberfest beers. The season will culminate in the release of the Christmas and Winter Warmer beers, which are my favorite beers of all.

The temperature dropping used to depress me. Not anymore.

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Getting Wet
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