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10:59 AM, Jul 3, 2006 toot this
Softball and 75th
I have spent the last 48 hours in solitude in my apartment, not getting pants dirty by wearing them, not troubling the public works with water for showers, and not increasing my razor's wear and tear. I spent hours perfecting a new web application for work, getting way more done than I could ever get done in the noisy office. That is, I did that stuff until today at about 3pm, when Ryan IMed me an invitation to play some softball in the 97-degree heat, down in Raytown. I happily accepted, and was riding down to some park off 59th within the hour.

I was placed at second base, and mostly embarrassed myself at first, grounding out, and screwing up some rather elementary cut-off fielding. But then, I got into the groove, and facilitated an inning or two's worth of defensive outs, and hit two hits, including a 2-RBI single. In the process, I gathered massive amounts of sweat and deposited them into a wet pangaea in my shirt, and into the dirt that caked all over me.

Ryan and I went from there to 75th St Brewery, where we enjoyed some excellent pastas and salads, not to mention hand-crafted IPAs. Some attractive woman next to me kept "accidentally" elbowing me, so I talked with her for a while. She seemed nice, but I was a bit tired to be "on," so I just talked like a normal person with her. She seemed to like this. Go figure.

During the game, I was fielding a throw from outfield, and took a nasty throw in the knee. Here's how it looks now. I guess the seam hit me.


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chrizow blurted:
i spent sunday afternoon at Grinders, and you spent sunday afternoon in raytown. i think we may have switched lives for a day.

2:50 PM, Jul 3, 2006

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