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7:59 AM, Jan 11, 2008 toot this
WARNING: The following post contains technical jargon and light profanity.

I'm on call again. I got home with a hot pager at the normal time last night, and set about making a Parellels virtual machine on my home PC to facilitate my oncall duties. We use the Cisco VPN client to connect to our work network, and it's a complete pain in my ass. Besides the fact that my employer refuses to acknowledge the existence of Linux, or the readily available native Linux implementation of the VPN client, it changes all kinds of network settings on a computer on which it is installed. In the case of virtual machines that I've tried to set up in the past, this has translated to rendering networking completely inoperable.

Even so, I tried creating a new virtual machine last night, because when I'm connected to the company VPN, all my internet activity, including my attempts to feed the monkey, get routed through my employer's network. But for some reason, I had no trouble at all setting it up last night. So now, I can just alt-tab over to a window that has a virtual machine connected to the office, just as easily as alt-tabbing back to my dwarf running past Weathertop.

Fortunately, the night passed without incident, and strangely, I felt compelled to go to sleep much earlier than usual. I was asleep with a book on my face by 10:30pm. I slept blissfully through the night before I finally got paged at about 6:15am. I noticed after checking things for a bit that I was pretty wide awake, and had been sleeping for almost eight hours anyway. So I got up, showered, picked up some cash, and got two of the only thing for which I will willingly, indeed happily, go to McDonald's: bacon egg and cheese biscuits.

At 7:15am, my car was the only one in the parking lot, and I was the first person in the office by at least an hour. Good times.

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