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9:32 PM, Dec 6, 2003 toot this
Beer is greater than Gin and Tonic
Bleh. I went out last night to see a friend's band play, and the bar's beertaps broke, so I switched to Gin and Tonic, and promptly got drunk. Then I drank some more, and don't remember the rest of the night very well. I'm sitting here watching paint dry, oncall. They're putting in a new release tonight, so there is nothing to do today. Therefore, I am going once again to Boulevard, this time with some friends from Chicago, and of course, Brian. Needless to say, I am a bit hungover today, and the idea of drinking beer doesn't exactly jump out at me.

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Joanna_Lumley brooked no delay in saying:
Drugs are the new booze!

6:21 PM, Dec 6, 2003

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