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5:50 AM, Dec 9, 2003 tweet this
Justification for Busriding, number 476
When I walked out of the apartment today, I knew that even though it's in the 40s, it's going to be in the 20s by day's end. What I didn't know is that it would be raining outright, which means we have a sleety, snowy, icy day and evening ahead of us. People who I have told about my busriding situation have often said, "well yeah, riding the bus is easy now, but what about when it gets snowy or rainy?" At the time of these rhetorical questions, I thought nothing of them. I kind of even agreed. Now, I have no idea why I would have any trouble walking through falling snow, as opposed to driving through it. The more I thought about it, the more obvious the conclusion came to me that this is the exact weather that makes me happy that I'm not driving.

I'm not particularly worried about my abilities when driving in the slick and sloppy conditions. Having been born and bred in parts north, I'm rather accustomed to them. What I'm worried about is other drivers. You see, in Kansas City, people aren't comfortable driving in, oh say, any kind of weather besides dry and pleasant. There are lots and lots of cars facing the wrong direction, or off the road entirely, along Kansas City's highways, when there's bad weather. This is doubly true on the occasion of the first snow of the season.

So, when people ask me how I can tolerate the bus on days with bad weather, I say, "happily!"


r.a._heller chimed in with:
Excellent point, but to take it any further, if you end up doing a cookie on a road in town due to the inclimate weather, wouldn't you much rather be in a bus then a Subaru WRX? To top it off you would not be responsible for any damage the bus causes yet you get to enjoy the free amusement style ride. Spinning out in a bus.......worth your bus fare and then some!

7:27 AM, Dec 9, 2003

bahua responded:
The weather would have to be pretty inclement, and the bus would have to be moving pretty fast to manage a donut.

7:39 AM, Dec 9, 2003

Doobie thinks:
Magic bus man!

11:54 AM, Dec 9, 2003

Letch had this to say:
I moved my car almost 15 feet last night.

12:30 PM, Dec 9, 2003

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