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10:13 PM, May 28, 2005 toot this
I know this is pretty old, but it still makes me laugh.

We went to trivia last night, and finished second. We each walked away with just over twenty six dollars in prize money. Afterward, we went down to the Flea Market, and enjoyed one of the only taps of Sierra Nevada in town. They close pretty early, so we watched the Royals blow a ten-inning game to LA, and took our leave.

We went down to Jilly's for $2 beers, some excellent house-style music, and some fun dancing. Even with all this, I still made it home by 2AM and managed a comfortable full-night's sleep.

I have a full weekend ahead, with barbecues and pool parties to attend today and tomorrow. I assume both will lead to raucous nights on the town, so I envision some nasty hangover time. In any case it should be fun.


Gulia replied:
Long Live Space Race

Long Live Molvania

1:12 PM, May 31, 2005

bahua brooked no delay in saying:
I want you to experience big bang!

9:55 PM, May 31, 2005

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