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Ladies and Lists
Hello. Welcome back. Your Easter went well, I trust? Excellent. I had a chicken-potato-sourcream-cheese burrito for my Easter dinner. It was delectable. Chris and I went to Lowe's(meh) on Saturday and picked up a new toilet for my bathroom. On Sunday, Jeff and I went to Home Depot(meh) and picked up a shelving unit for our makeshift open-air pantry.

Otherwise, my weekend was unremarkable. I completed my first daytime commute to the office from the new place today. As I was closing my door, I heard an errant alarm clock sounding its deathly-annoying beep through my neighbor's door. Without realizing it, I rather conspicuously stuck my head sideways against my next-door neighbor's door. This illicited a chuckle from the direction of the elevator, where an unfairly beautiful woman was standing. I live down one flight of stairs from the door of the building, so I don't usually use the elevator unless I'm carrying something heavy. This however, seemed to be an extenuating circumstance, so I walked to the elevator and had a pleasant yet awkward conversation with the beautiful woman, whose name turned out to be Sarah. It was a nice Monday morning.

Anyway, right now I need to:

  • Buy groceries
  • Send my Missouri tax forms
  • Complete the installation of the washing machine
  • Do laundry
  • Install my new toilet
  • Finish my change of address forms
  • Finish unpacking
We'll see how long it all takes.

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Your old toilet chimed in with:
(still not finished flushing)

6:02 PM, Apr 10, 2007

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