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Big Band and ELO
I may or may not be drunk. I don't know. I'm not a lawyer. Harling's Boulevard big band night may or may not be completely awesome. I don't know. I'm not a lawyer. Riding the bus may or may not be a great way to get around. I don't know. I'm not a lawyer. But I can tell you what isn't awesome: drunk chicks getting all up ons, just because you have some facial hair grown because of an acute fit of laziness, or because of a sense of humor completely lifted from Monty Python and the Coen Brothers.

Quite seriously though, I had a fantastic time tonight at Harling's, watching a twenty-some-piece ensemble play some really excellent jazz/big band music, along with $7.50 pitchers(and $2.75 pints) of Boulevard Pale Ale. Josh, Callie, and I tried some ridiculous hangover medicine, to be taken with the first of each four or five drinks of the evening. The package Josh brought didn't have enough pills in it for everyone, for all the drinking that occurred, so we took three pills apiece, spaced out over a couple of hours. Let me say here: Horse-level pills are not pleasant to take with beer, no matter how tasty it may be.

After the band finished, my last chance to take a bus home had long since passed, so I followed Josh and Callie back to their place, got acquainted with Callie's spastic turtle, and confiscated a Goose Island IPA, before calling Atlas Cab for a ride home. Ceasar gave me a comfortable, fast ride home, and had no problem at all with me drinking beer in his cab.

Goose Island makes one of the tastiest IPAs I know of, but ELO's collaboration with Olivia Newton-John for Xanadu 1980 is just priceless. I have played it about five times over again, since I got home. Cheers.

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