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11:21 AM, Jun 16, 2007 toot this
So, since Vista came out, I've kinda sorta given up on keeping up with current games and things any more, if that's the direction they're going to take. The adoption of Vista takes us into a world where I don't want to be. So with that in mind, I have installed GNU/Linux on one of my spare hard drives, and have been dual-booting on my PC, to give myself some familiarity. As plenty of you know, I love linux and unix, and draw my living from supposedly being an expert on them, but that knowledge is with the command line. When plunged into a graphic mode, I become as bewildered and useless as an old man on ether.

This website, for example, was written entirely from the command line, and the tools that I use to update it and maintain it, even the web-based ones, were originally written on the command line, by me. The graphical interface for Linux is something that I have never quite gotten into. And to be honest, I've always found it clumsy and rather ugly. Nevertheless, I am now determined to make a serious go at it, and fashion myself a real, permanent desktop using Linux.

As such, one of the first, required pieces of software to, "make my own," is a web browser. And when I first try a web browser, the first url I manually enter is always http://bahua.com(or I just type 'bahua' and hit ctrl-enter). For some time, I've been frustrated with how my site looks using Linux. It looks wretched, or at least it did, because Verdana, the font I sloppily specified to use around the site, often isn't even supported, so it just falls back on some ugly Times New Roman kind of font. So this time, I took a look at the attractive landing page for when a user first starts Firefox, and lifted the "font-family" line from there, and spent the next twenty minutes cleaning up my terrible css code. I still have a lot more cleaning to do with it, but I have fixed all the lines that specify font usage, weight, and size.

The site should be much more attractive now when viewing it from a browser in Linux, though we'll see how it looks in Windows when I boot back into that.


Brian had this to say:
The fonts look good in my new DS browser, so you must be doing something right.

4:02 PM, Jun 18, 2007

BOT interjected:
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7:54 AM, Jun 19, 2007

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