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Idle April
I slept happily through long quiet nights both Friday and Saturday nights. It's always lovely to get some real sleep. I didn't go out on Friday. I had been out the previous three nights, and a break was welcome.

On Saturday I received some excellent news that was slightly sullied, but excellent nonetheless. The ridiculous crap with my 2003 federal tax return appears to have been resolved, as I received a letter from my bank notifying me of a recent deposit to my checking account from the Internal Revenue Service. I logged into my bank's website and saw that I finally received my 2007 refund. Unfortunately, owing to the typically governmental stance of charging others for their own mistakes, the IRS helped themselves to a couple hundred dollars of my refund. I suppose I'll get a piece of mail sometime soon accounting for this discrepancy, and I'm certain that there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.

That said, I still got about ninety percent of my refund, and immediately used it to pay my American Express bill, as I had planned on doing in February, when I was expecting it. The remainder of the refund has padded my checking account to a comfortable level, so that for the present, things are A-OK. I celebrated the fresh solvency by playing video games with Nick online, and then meeting him out for a quick beer.

That "quick beer" turned into a multicity jump from Grinders to Paci's to the Peanut to JP Wine Bar. Jim joined us after we left Grinders. We were driving up Oak, and when we reached 12th, we thought, "maybe Jim'd like to join us!" So I turned left on 11th and Nick called Jim to ask if he was up for some beer right now. He was, and good times were consequently had. Even with all this, I still got home by 1am that night, and slept like a log until long after sunrise.

I spent Sunday sitting around the house, doing nothing in particular.

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