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5:52 PM, Aug 19, 2006 toot this
Embassies and Mike's
I went to the Embassy with Chris yesterday afternoon. I was pretty disappointed with it. In its previous incarnation as a bar, it was lamely called "Slammrz," and had a reasonable tap selection. Now the taps are all gone, and they're more interested in overcharging you for a mixed drink. We each had a bottle of Pale Ale, but each found them to be shockingly tasty. Mine almost had a fruity quality to it. I guessed that these beers had been produced in the new brewhouse that Boulevard finished in May.

Anyway, we each had two beers, and I had a cuban sandwich that tasted like a lunchable, before we decided to head to Mike's on Troost for some more divey surroundings. We enjoyed ourselves there, with drinks being served by a Tara Reid look-alike, and despite the drunken antics of a couple of post-work guys next to us at the bar. 4:45pm rolled around, and Chris had somewhere to be, so I wished him good day, and stepped outside. There was a stop for the 25 line conveniently located right outside the door, and the next bus came in minutes.

When I got home, I lay down for a while, tired from my afternoon boozings.

I went out later with Heidi and a couple of her friends, and called it a night at about midnight with lovely, refreshing walk to the bus stop in a steady but gentle rain.

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