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Dubuque Was
I visited Dubuque this past weekend, for the first time since Homecoming 2003. Since starting college there in 1996, this was the longest I had ever been away. It was great to be back, and see all the things that have changed, and, more prevalently, the things that haven't changed at all. Loras has emptied out Keane and Rohlman Halls of dorm rooms, and replaced them with academic departments and offices. There is a new upperclassman housing facility on campus, in what used to be Binz Hall's parking lot, and where there used to be houses inhabited by friends, there is now additional parking space to meet the ballooning needs of an increasingly car-owning student body.

I suppose I shouldn't be, but I am always surprised at how pretty the women are at Loras, but this time, I was surprised at how young they all looked. I saw a group of girls, all dressed the same(black shirt and jeans), heading down Loras Blvd to go to Bodine's for the Saturday 2-for-1 special, that all looked like they were fourteen years old. Such is the progression of time, though.

The real reason I went to Dubuque was to attend the conjoined bachelor/bachelorette party/karaokejackassathon held in honor of friends Dave and Stacia, who will be subjecting themselves to government sanctions, starting on June 10th, and at whose wedding I am slated to sing, or at least move my lips in time. I took lots of pictures, because I wound up staying the whole weekend, and not just Friday, as I had originally planned. I still need to edit and delete and stuff, but I would say there is a picture page on the way, with roughly 70-80 new pictures in it.

For now, I'm back at work, pining for the relaxing time I had this weekend.

|| EDIT || 4/12/05 - 2:05 PM

Hark! I have finished yon page of pictures! See them now!


chicus was sure you'd want to know:
It is entirely possible the girls going to bodine's were in fact 14 and using their grandmother's license to get through the door.

8:29 PM, Apr 11, 2005

Vince commented:
I love them high school chicks...I keep getting older, they stay the same age! Heh Oh!

9:56 PM, Apr 11, 2005

thesmartone interjected:
John, you drove through monticello and didnt call me

i hate you

4:38 PM, Apr 21, 2005

bahua brooked no delay in saying:
Do you live somewhere in Iowa?

1:33 AM, Apr 22, 2005

thesmartone had this to say:
I live in Monticello, IOWA!

9:17 AM, Apr 24, 2005

bahua chimed in with:
Ah yes, incorrectly-pronounced Monticello. I recall watching it whoosh by at 74 miles per hour, from the new expressway they built around it.

In conclusion, I'll call next time.

1:11 PM, Apr 24, 2005

thesmartone commented:
First off, there is no way to tell pronunciation in typing.

Secondly, i pronounced it correctly, this is one of those tomato,

tomato things.

3:16 PM, Apr 24, 2005

bahua said:
I wasn't saying that you pronounced it wrong. I'm saying that the Monticello in question is mispronounced by just about everyone who knows it.

4:39 PM, Apr 24, 2005

BillyK brooked no delay in saying:
I'm new to this site and have found it to be quite interesting as I have knowledge that could bring down "webmaster John." (undetermined stature by the way, who gives these titles out!?) My knowledge is simply that despite efforts he is unable to outdrink me. (Bill K.) Don't deny it John, I have statistics and graphs that can show this. Anyway, I would like to say hi to all on this site as I have stumbled upon its glory.

3:16 PM, Apr 26, 2005

GONARCH was sure you'd want to know:

11:22 PM, Apr 26, 2005

R.A._Heller had this to say:
Bahua, email me Masbruchs email address, I wanted to see if he wanted to play some volleyball this summer.

12:08 PM, Apr 27, 2005

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