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12:50 AM, Oct 3, 2003 toot this
Linux Green Light
I have been given approval at work to install Linux on one of the slower computers that we brought with us from our old office. I'm sure that doing so violates my employer's in-bed-with-Microsoft/HP/Sun security policy. Nevertheless, it is emerging rsync as I type this entry. Perhaps this can change some minds at work, but I will venture a guess that there are a good number of people that genuinely do believe that using open source software is a danger to security.

I don't expect a great deal out of this, just to see how long I can maintain a linux machine in the face of ignorant criticism.

Brian's old lady gets to town today. I am going to try to get her to go with me to First Friday, tonight.


Chuckie brooked no delay in saying:
Is cgange some weird linux mind control command?

12:57 PM, Oct 3, 2003

bahua replied:

5:21 PM, Oct 3, 2003

Lumbergh was sure you'd want to know:
What is First Friday?

8:37 PM, Oct 6, 2003

bahua was sure you'd want to know:
The thing at the top of the page is what you're looking for.

5:06 AM, Oct 7, 2003

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Merry Christmas
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