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12:34 PM, Nov 30, 2007 toot this
With the inevitable onslaught of winter threatening all the peasants in their thatched-roof cottages, I have decided for the first time in my life, to avail myself of an available spot in the garage adjacent to my building. I went down to the HOA office last week and filled out a form claiming that I was interested in securing a space in the closed-off garage. After I did that and wrote them a big fat check, I got my annoying hang-tag and parking card.

Now, I'm supposed to pick which numbered spot I want to have. To get your input, I've prepared the following crude illustration.

I have narrowed my choice to two spaces, both on the same level, two floors above my apartment. Choice A is against the exterior west-facing wall, and is partially open to the elements. One great advantage of it, however, is that it has a load-bearing column next to it, which would ensure that anyone on the passenger side wouldn't have to deal with squeezing between my car and another to get in or out.

Choice B is closer to the center of the building, and while difficult to reach when coming in(as indicated by the arrows), is a very easy space from which to leave. Also, it's on the end, so I would be in no danger of hitting a neighbor's car with my door, unless of course they're driving by at that exact moment. Also, it wouldn't be a bad spot for backing in, though again, that would make departing more difficult.

So what do you think? Space A or space B?


chris blurted:

12:38 PM, Nov 30, 2007

Brad took the time to say:
Buy them both. Problem solved.

12:41 PM, Nov 30, 2007

bahua commented:
I just called the office and had them reserve space B for me.

1:28 PM, Nov 30, 2007

Brad spoiled the calm with:

10:30 AM, Dec 1, 2007

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