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12:15 PM, Apr 30, 2008 toot this
Eee Uuupdate
Okay, so that page I referenced before that had the step-by-step instructions for configuring fluxbox for the Eee had a pretty nasty typo. The first line after the sh-bang line was accidentally combined with it, and I just assumed that there must be such a thing as an shsudo command. With the help of my handy new USB rescue stick, I was able to fix the problem, once and for all.

So now, I have fluxbox installed and working beautifully. I still have a couple more customizations to make, but it's now in really excellent shape for a laptop of mine. I've gotten a couple of keyboard shortcuts set up, and the precious screen real estate is preserved in a much more efficient manner now.

In other, possibly more consequential news, I've been elected to the board of my building's homeowners' association. There's not much more to tell than that, though. I'll brief you when more developments arise.

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