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11:01 AM, May 15, 2004 toot this
I arrived in San Diego yesterday morning, and met up with Toby, Curt, Carl, Justin, and Vince soon afterward. We enjoyed a small galavant around the city, with some lunch at some "fancy" pizza place, followed by an accentuation of the horrible sunburn I got for my left arm, sitting and talking by the channel. The ballgame was a blast. Jose Macias hit two straight triples, and Sosa hit one out, in front a shockingly high number of Cub fans.

After the game was over, we all decided it was time to leave the country, and enjoy a strange night out, in Tijuana. We took the train down to San Ysidro, and walked over the skyway border into Mexico. There is no security checkpoint, and the shocking difference between the north and south side of the wall is immediately apparent.

As soon as you pass the ballpark-type turnstyle, you come to a taxicab station, where dozens of cab drivers are waiting to take you into town. We all six piled into a cab, and watched the derelict streets pass our windows, until the driver stopped in front of some strip club, and beckoned to us, to follow him inside. We walked in the opposite direction, and made our way down Avenue Revolucion, where people standing in front of clubs and bars would all try to get our attention and come into their club.

We settled on some odd second-story place, that specialized in polka-type Mexican music, and very cheap drinks. After a round and a half of beers, and two rounds of tequila shots, we inquired to our waiter where we can go to see something that Toby signified by cupping his hands. Instead of telling us about a place, Jorge told us to follow him, but not stand with him. He took us a couple blocks off Revolucion, into an obviously seedier part of town, where the frequency of hookers increased to about one every ten feet. This was probably the part of town that we have all been warned against entering, but we figured that since we are six, and all pretty large, we would be okay.

We did turn out to be okay, but man, that was the most amazing strip club I have ever seen! I will not go into the details, but it was also the only brothel I had ever been in, as well. We called it a night at about 3 AM, and took a $37 cab ride back to downtown, after taking a $7 cab ride back to the frontiera. I awake, this morning, to find that I have spent pretty much all of my money.

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