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9:55 PM, Dec 1, 2003 tweet this
"Working" from Home
Last night, I went to Fred P. Ott's on the Plaza and watched some rock and roll, with some friends. It was very fun. They had excellent onion rings, gigantic cups of draught beer, and an altogether cozy atmosphere for rocking out. I hope to see the band again. I am on call all week, still helping out with the fact that we have fewer people now, so I guess I should go and get a new game or something.


Blas wants you to know:

Do you want to go up north some time in January to see the PM girls?

10:42 PM, Dec 1, 2003

R.A._Heller blurted:
War of the Ring looks like a pretty sweet strategy game. Just came out, probably can find the cheapest price at Sam's Club. Good luck with the new job, it seems like a good fit for you.

6:39 AM, Dec 2, 2003

bahua took the time to say:
Rick: I picked up XIII, and like it a lot so far.

Alex: Yes. That would be fun, if I can manage a weekend off.

12:24 PM, Dec 2, 2003

Lev chimed in with:
Knights of the Old Republic is better than any smelly other game ever.

it is <sup>SUPER</sup>

1:45 PM, Dec 2, 2003

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