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5:13 PM, Jul 29, 2003 toot this
Locked Out
So yeah, I'm a big idiot. I was doing laundry, yesterday afternoon, and I dumped a bunch of quarters in my pocket, and the jingling and their bulky consistency passed my unconscious key check as I left the apartment, and I was promptly locked out. The office had been closed for about 40 minutes when this happened, and I was able, through the generosity of a neighbor, to call the maintenance pager, so I could get back in. Unfortunately, a rain dance would have done about as much good. Nobody ever answered, and I wound up missing work, and staying with my even more generous friends, Joel and Susie. I had to wait until the office opened to get back into my apartment.

When I walked into the office, unshaven, dirty, and in dirty clothes, and had the audacity to be indignant about nobody answering my pages, the office-denizen tried to make it sound like it was a matter-of-fact thing that nobody would answer the page. Instead of asking her why they would even have a pager if nobody will answer it, or even how she could be such a moron when she asked, "Oh, you were locked out? Why didn't you call us?" I took a deep breath, took the key and walked out of the office.

God I want out of this place, and I don't know if I can wait until October.


hagakure thinks:
You might want to call them next time. They don't answer their pager.

3:05 AM, Jul 30, 2003

R._Heller chimed in with:
Just to leave them a little present when you go, leave an open can of sardines in a heat register, it will take them forever to find it, and they will not be able to rent the apartment after you leave. It will take about three days for the fish to start stinking. Package of brats work well too.

10:36 AM, Jul 30, 2003

bahua took the time to say:
Geez, man!

6:22 PM, Jul 30, 2003

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