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5:21 AM, Sep 18, 2002 toot this
9/18/2002 6:21 AM
Brian has had his first day at work, and the sobering reality occured to me today that even though we live together, we will quite literally never see each other awake except for two hours a day, when our shifts overlap at work, and on weekends. We are currently crowded into my apartment that had once seemed spacious, and now only seems tight and inadequate. To remedy this, we have told the management that we would like to move to the big two-bedroom apartment on the sixth floor. It's much bigger, has two bedrooms, and a full bathroom for each bedroom. All of this will run us each an extra $55 a month. One thing I don't particularly like about it is that it's on a floor that's high enough that we'd have to take the elevator. But, maybe not. I wouldn't mind getting a little more exercise, and I could certainly stand it.

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