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11:37 AM, Aug 27, 2006 toot this
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The Big Trip
I don't think I've mentioned on this website that I'll be on the road for all of this coming week, and half of the next. Erp and I agreed to meet later today for what I call the "Great West Coast Brewtrip." I'll be arriving at LAX at 6pm, and he'll pick me up. We'll hang out in Santa Monica tonight, and hop on the train in the morning. It will be awesome to the nth degree. We'll spend time in San Francisco, Chico, Portland, and Seattle, checking out all the excellent breweries that we can find therein.

I've purchased a wireless card for my laptop, so I'll try to keep the site updated as we go, but it might prove more difficult than it looks on paper.

In any case stay tuned, and watch for tons and tons and tons of pictures.

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