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11:19 PM, Apr 1, 2007 toot this
Moving: The Continuing Saga
We spent Sunday morning unloading boxes, and making on-the-fly decisions about where certain kitchenwares should go. It's boring, tedious work. After that, we got in Jeff's car and made the long drive out to his parents' house in Blue Springs, where we picked up the trailer with which they helped us move. We then drove it all the way down to near 143rd and Quivira, where we picked up some laundry machines, and brought them back downtown. We hauled them inside, and set them awkwardly just inside the door. Jeff took the trailer back to his parents' house, while I set to the annoying task of setting up the network.

It was a mishmash of moving furniture, locating important items(power and network cables, the router, the cable modem, tools), kneeling and crouching uncomfortably, unscrewing electrical fixtures, getting shocked by said fixtures, gouging holes into said fixtures, threading cable through the wall, and cursing silently. In the end, the "aybabtu" wireless access point came online without any real trouble, and I set to the even more annoying tasks of setting up my PC, linux machine, and stereo.

After a full day working on things, the apartment looks much more like a residence now, and less like a stolen-goods warehouse. We still have a lot of work to do, and with no work tomorrow until 9pm, I have my work cut out for me.

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becca spoiled the calm with:
When's the loft-warming party?

5:21 PM, Apr 4, 2007

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