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8:46 PM, Jun 7, 2006 toot this
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Today, instead of the customary run, Kelly and I met at my house, and proceeded to walk down to the West Bottoms and climb all over piled rubble and tetanus-wielding rebar, more than able to run someone through when they slip and fall on the plentiful loose rocks and gravel. We averted disaster, but instead got really sweaty and climbed up and down through contiguous construction zones and derelict bridge underpinnings.

We emerged back into civilization in the exploding West Side, which is a close-in neighborhood that's trying and failing, to remain predominantly hispanic. It was a long dirty walk, with lots of foliage scratches, rubble slides, and near misses. We got back and drank some beer. So it all works out.

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Cole cut in with:
hey. i decided this is where this goes. whats the deal with the blvd thing at grinders tonight? who what when how and sometimes why. i already know where. it sounds like it outranks that secret gallery thing, and its about 60 blocks closer.

1:48 PM, Jun 8, 2006

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