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9:16 PM, Sep 28, 2004 toot this
Another New Car
I went to Jack Miller Subaru tonight and purchased a new car. I was tired of paying the, "highest bills ever," for the WRX, and found that it's still in good condition, and worth a good trade, so I traded it for the next lowest grade: the Impreza 2.5 RS. I might post pictures of it sometime, but it's doubtful. I don't look at the purchase as a life improvement. I look at it as a necessary budget cut.

First Friday is this weekend in the Crossroads district, here in town, and for the first time since April or May, I will be attending. I have been out of town every other time since then. With all the new bars and restaurants in the area, it promises to be an excellent time.

Also, Karl Denson is coming to Davey's on the 9th.


Joel offered:
Oooh, hot. Not as hot as the WRX, of course, but I love all new cars. Pics or BS please.

7:28 AM, Sep 29, 2004

matt had this to say:
It ain't a tight car if it ain't a Type-R.

Or a Subaru.

7:30 AM, Sep 29, 2004

Rachel spoiled the calm with:
For real. I don't care if it's not as cool, I want pictures.

9:58 AM, Sep 29, 2004

chicus replied:
Google ads? What the...? When did those sneak onto your site? Is that part of your plan to pay for the new car?

1:25 PM, Sep 29, 2004

bahua offered:
Heh. No, in fact, I haven't gotten a single click yet. I'm going to try them for a while, then probably remove them, if they don't do anything for me.

4:11 PM, Sep 29, 2004

lagavulin responded:
pick me up Oct. 11, 7:30 sharp.

8:06 PM, Sep 29, 2004

bahua offered:
Pictures here:


5:30 PM, Sep 30, 2004

Rachel wants you to know:

10:00 PM, Sep 30, 2004

Gulia had this to say:
I likey!

10:31 AM, Oct 1, 2004

chicus responded:
IF you miss the air intake on the hood I saw some instructions on how to make your own on Red Green's website.

Seriously though, I like it.

10:52 AM, Oct 5, 2004

Rachel cut in with:
I only just realized... that's just barely ONE degree away from being an old man car. not that old man cars are not sweet. just sayin'.

1:01 AM, Oct 12, 2004

bapple responded:
I did the same thing 3 years ago... and I'm still driving the Civic. Ha! btw wtf with the google adds.

9:01 PM, Oct 29, 2004

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