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It's May!
So yeah, I haven't posted anything to this website in almost three months. Sorry about that. I guess I've kinda-sorta moved to Facebook, though that isn't a solution, in my opinion. Since moving to Facebook, the creative spark that powers my enthusiasm for this website has kind of petered out, and I really don't like that. This website was what made me a programmer. It's what made me want to program.

The whole thing is written entirely by me, including the awful visual appearance. That's something from which I used to derive a great deal of pride. I want to feel that pride again. When I use this site as my social outlet on the web, I always have ideas for improvements to it, whether they're cosmetic, backend, or feature updates. So I suppose I need a project. I need something to pour into this site. I have some things on the burner, and some things I can't really talk about, but that will become apparent soon enough.

I'm still dating Jenny, and she's the best thing that ever happened to me, though lately we're working through the possibility of living in different places, and that's a less than encouraging thought. As you may imagine, a great deal of the relatable events in my life for the last 5-6 months have involved her, so I've been pretty light on updates because frankly, that stuff isn't anyone's business.

I'm still working in Leavenworth, and driving there every single day now, due to a directive from on high. We keep having our work cancelled by customers that aren't that interested in our product, or in devoting the time of their people to learning and using it. As such it's been pretty slow around here. For the most part, I'm driving 75 miles a day to check my email and sign my timesheet. I try to keep busy, but there's just not enough work to do.

My friend Geoff however, is up to his neck in work. Since I left the company for DST back in 2006, he ascended through the company's ranks, as was inevitable, and now he's in a position about three or four levels above me, and actually has people working under him. He's in town for a periodic gathering of the higher-ups, and for just a week, it's like old times again. We're carpooling from downtown to Leavenworth, and eating unhealthy lunch all over town.

We met up last night at the Riot Room in Westport, which has quietly become one of the best beer bars in Kansas City. They have some plans in the works right now to secure their place as being the unequivocal best. We drank some beers that were new to both of us, and talked about things past, present, and future. It was a beautiful afternoon, and the evening proceeded apace as we went to Grinders, El Pueblito, and Chefburger before we parted ways. He and Katie went to the Sprint Center to see Band of Horses and Pearl Jam, and I went home to talk for a while with Nathan and go to bed early.

Hopefully, I can keep up the press on yon website. Feel free, if you're among the 98% of the people that see this through Facebook, to click through and check the site out.

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