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11:02 PM, Jan 13, 2009 toot this
But have you tried the dip?
Happy New Year.

I am still unemployed, but am getting a financial stay of execution in the form of the largest tax refund I will have ever received, as a result of having paid lots and lots of interest on my mortgage in 2008. I might even buy you a drink some time. Don't hold me to that. I am seeing plenty of jobs out there, and have been applying and making phone calls about any I see, but still, no luck. It's really difficult to get hired somewhere without knowing someone that's already there. The last such occurrence to which I was party prompted my moving to Kansas City in 2001.

I am three days into some good old-fashioned January-style sinus illness. I have occasional use of my nose's breathing abilities, but the cheap knockoff placebo-flavored (ny|day)quil pills I've been taking appear to do little more than refresh my gag reflex. As such, I've developed a nasty sore throat from having to mouth-breathe while I sleep.

The aforementioned beautiful, funny woman severed all contact without an explanation. The last thing I ever heard from her was her excited consent to go out. I never heard from her again. Nick and Anna have suggested that after perhaps another week has passed, I should make another attempt at contact, but I'm not so sure. Her silence sends a pretty clear, if unexpected, message. Back to the drawing board in that department too.

Splutschnik is coming in seventeen days, and I have been busy as a beaver trying to get all the details ironed out. As with every previous iteration of the event, a record turnout is expected, so I need to get some computery-type stuff written to facilitate dealing with the event's projected attendance. Perhaps I will show more about that on here, but I doubt it.

I have been staying up and sleeping too late. I need to work on that.

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