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6:14 AM, Nov 26, 2003 toot this
Horatio Hornblower and Skiing
Next week, two more installments in one of my favorite series, Horatio Hornblower, will run on the A & E network. Sorry about the link having audio, by the way. The series is wonderfully devoid of modern movie sensibilities, and tries to appear as historically authentic as possible. If you haven't seen these movies, then I highly recommend picking up the DVDs, as they can be had for very little money, and make sure to watch the two new ones next week.

Also, I've just finalized plans to go skiing at Snowmass over the New Year weekend. If you want to meet me there, that's when you'll find me. I'll have a blue coat on, and I'll be surrounded by countless international beautiful ladies.


Lane_Myer cut in with:
Be sure to use a montage.

7:05 PM, Nov 26, 2003

bahua was sure you'd want to know:
I want my two dollars!

9:56 PM, Nov 26, 2003

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