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Cinco de Long Day
I had a lively weekend. On Friday morning, I handed off the oncall phone to Eddie and ran- nay skipped, out of the office for the afternoon. The really bad news came though as I was approaching my car at Sunfresh in Midtown. Someone had quite expertly removed the brand new registration stickers I had gotten for my car. I'm kind of uncertain as to how to proceed, but right now, I'm driving a car without a valid registration sticker, the penalty for which is a moving violation traffic ticket.

After that happy realization, I discovered a new burrito place. Cancun Fiesta over in Westport makes delicious, slightly overpriced, slightly undersized burritos that, unlike the burritos available at most places in KC, are easy to eat without a knife and fork. I got a chicken burrito with everything, minus onions, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

After that, I sat at home, drinking high-caffeine beverages, staving off the overwhelming desire to go straight to bed. But it was early afternoon, and I needed to make it until my actual bedtime, lest I screw up my sleep schedule because of the sleepless week I spent on call. Anyway, I didn't go out on Friday. I stayed in and played the translated version of Tales of Phantasia for the Super NES on my computer, and pieced this website back together from before the outage. I was in bed and asleep by 11pm.

Saturday was when things picked up. After sleeping for over eleven hours, I comfortably awoke, and found Jeff finisdhing up his morning routine in the living room. He suggested that we go to Coffee Girls, and try to secure a waffle. Jeff wanted to ride bikes down. Having a screwed up ankle from my circa-1999 leg-breaking, I am unable to comfortably ride a bicycle, so bike-riding was out. I was in the process of suggesting taking the bus down to 19th and walking the rest of the way, but got an idea mid-sentence and cut myself off. The urban homes tour was going on, and complimentary shuttles were being run around the river market/downtown/crossroads area, so we paid lip service to some condos for sale, walked around some apartments we could never afford, and hopped on the southbound shuttle. To make things fully believable, we toured the Piper Lofts, near Coffee Girls, and got an eyeful from their roof.

We walked down to Coffee Girls, and found that we were a full two hours late to get any waffles, so we settled for hippie-style sandwiches filled with sprouts and fancy mayonnaise. Neither of us knew what we really wanted to do, but I knew I didn't want to go home, and it was Cinco de Mayo. I think Jeff was humoring me, but we went down Southwest Boulevard to the nearby Mexican quarter, and got some watered-down touristy margaritas at Taqueria Mexico. Craig joined us there, and Jeff took off.

We next went farther down the Boulevard to Jesse's, across from Ponak's, and enjoyed the growing momentum of the holiday there. From there, we went over to KCK, to some church of which neither of us had ever heard, and attended the Polski Festival. We walked up to the beer tent and were headed off by the guy behind the table before we could say anything. "Will it be four, six, or eight, guys?" It was all for charity, so we each got two enthusiastically poured $2 draws of light beer. The festival was a great break for the day, in the midst of a part of KCK that I had never seen, but by which I was very intrigued. The layout was very dense, and apparently very tightly-knit. There were people outside everywhere.

After the festival, we headed down to Overland Park for a party thrown by a coworker of Craig's. The theme of the party was "Cinco de Mustache," and true to its name, many people assembled with facial hair. I had some too, but only because I had been too lazy to shave. The mingling was nice, and as the sun set, the karaoke began. By 10pm, the neighbors were perturbed enough to have called the police twice, so we headed inside and watched Oscar de la Hoya get robbed, via split-decision.

By about the time that people started singing to the stereo inside, Erp and I decided it was time to head back to civilization. So we went to Harry's in the River Market and ran into about twelve people we knew. After Harry's closed, we walked over to the Caddyshack to finish out the legal drinking hours. As we were about to leave, an inebriated, possibly high patron was being escorted out by the owner, and he threw a surprise elbow to the owner's face. In a snap there were at least five people pinning him to a booth, while some complete jackass named San came out of nowhere and started punching the pinned guy in the face. He must have punched him ten times. It was ridiculous.

We decided that the best way to end a ridiculous night would be with a late, late trip to Town Topic. I didn't get home until almost 5am. It's all here.

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ck took the time to say:
de la Hoya was lucky to come out ahead on that blind judge's scorecard. I'm not sure what that he was watching.

1:13 PM, May 7, 2007

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