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6/16/2003 2:42 PM
Joel and I tried a new bar on Friday night. It's called Bender's, it's downtown, and Joel is doing their website in exchange for free beer. Sounds like a good deal to me. We each paid five dollars at the door, and walked into a very entertaining rock show with Reservoir Dogs being played on every TV screen. Fun, altogether.

Brian and I met after that at Charlie Hooper's, for tasty spirits and good conversation. We decided that night to go to watch the Royals host the San Francisco Giants, the next evening at 6PM. We lazed the afternoon away on Saturday, and missed the Stadium express, having to drive to the game. We arrived at the game, and took our "secret" way into the stadium with the conventional(slow) way in blue, and the faster, smarter, more clever way, the way we went, in red:

We walked a good three quarters of a mile from where we parked to the front gate, which was not a problem, as it was a gorgeous day. When we arrived at gate, we had already noticed how many people there were. We made a bet, once we got in, that whomever could guess the closest to the actual attendance would get their next beer purchased for them by the loser. Brian guessed 31,500, and I guessed 38,500. At 38,261, I won, and I enjoyed my beer copiously.

Anyway, we approached the front gate, and began to be accosted by scalpers. I politely turned them each down, until we were actually in the short line to buy tickets, when another guy approached us, and asked us if we needed tickets. Brian asked him, "How much," and the guy said, "Aw hell, I'll just let you have 'em." That is how we got into the game with upper level seats on the third baseline for free.

The game was a blast, we were in the shade, and both Mike Sweeney and Angel Berroa hit homers for us, not to mention the fact that Barry Bonds never hit one out. The Royals wound up losing 7-3, but still managed an exciting, very entertaining game. I can't wait to make another.

We adjourned to the Newsroom, where we had between 6 and 10 pitchers of the black stuff and/or Newcastle. We then stumbled home for lots of sleep. Brian and I spent a very nice weekend in Kansas City- our last for a long time. The next time we know of that we will both have a free weekend in KC is in late July.

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9/1/2002 9:00 AM
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