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9:05 PM, Mar 2, 2006 toot this
A Nap and an Outage
After yesterday's stint of real life, I took note of my sleepiness, the melodious sound of spanish being spoken outside my window, and the midday temperature tickling the 80s. I shirked responsibility, put on some soft music, and spent the afternoon napping comfortably. When I woke up, my internet connection wasn't even responsive enough for porn. After a short while, it went away altogether. After unplugging and replugging my cable modem a couple of times, to no avail, I said there was little I could do, and hoppped on the bus, hoping time would heal all cable modems, especially mine.

I met Jeff for a pint and a sandwich at O'Dowd's on the Plaza, before legging it, right quick, over to Royall Hall at UMKC, to watch a very throught-provoking, and thoroughly terrifying film. We met up with Rebecca, a forumer at KCSkyscrapers, and stood talking about various urban topics for a good hour after the screening was over.

I came home on the 10:18 bus, and the cable light was turning on every minute or two, so in one of the clear spots, I navigated RoadRunner's impossible webpage, through about twelve pages and popups to the local support telephone number, and wrote it down. It was only about 11:30, but I figured with no internet access, there's not much to do. So, I wrote a script that checked to see if I was online, every sixty seconds, and log it. I went to bed, and was asleep in minutes.

I woke up without an alarm at about 8AM. It always feels nice to be up in the morning, especially without the customary painful sleepiness I usually feel in the pre-9AM hours. Anyway, my connection is back up, this morning, and looks like it has been since about one in the morning. It's a good thing, too, because I'm being bombarded with messages. Cheers.


Dr. Moonlight responded:
Weird. I saw the same movie in Royall Hall, but it was several months ago. Do they show it every week now?

3:36 PM, Mar 6, 2006

bahua was sure you'd want to know:
No, that was the last screening in their series.

12:03 AM, Mar 7, 2006

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