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11:42 AM, Jan 5, 2006 toot this
Digestion and Longhorns
I went into the office yesterday, for a meeting. I need to make a habit of checking my email before I leave for work, because when I got there, TJ told me that the meeting had been postponed for 24 hours. It was worse today, though. I didn't really have much of a dinner before going out last night, and famished, I ate a burrito and a half from Pancho's on the way home. My alarm went off, this morning, and I felt like garbage, and that burrito and a half was still sitting in the returnable section of my digestive tract.

Luckily, I was able to subdue the urge to return the burrito with deep cool breaths. But I was very sleepy, and had a persistent headache. I was just about dressed and ready to head to the office in Leavenworth, when I checked my email, and found that the meeting had been postponed for another 24 hours. I disrobed as quickly as I have ever done alone, and settled back into bed. Few luxuries can match the fantastic feeling of getting back into bed.

I met some friends out last night to watch Texas break USC's championship streak, and had a very nice time. But, as I mentioned before, I didn't have any dinner prior to going out(except some potato chips at a friend's house), so the delicious Bell's and New Belgium beers worked their debilitating effects much more quickly than usual, and for drinking only five or six beers, I had a rough morning, with fitful, light sleep, peppered with dreams about getting a glass of water.

I think I converted another friend to Firefox last night, too.

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