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Things Change
My job is 35 miles from my home. That's 70 miles on the road every day, and that's if I don't use my car for anything else. That works out to a fill-up about once a week, which at about $33 totals to about $1800 a year just for gasoline. That's not a comfortable number, but it's workable. Much more arresting however is the fact that I spend twelve full days a year just getting to and from the office. The bottom line is that there are better things to do with my time and dwindling money.

Enter the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. They offered me a job last week that I will be starting on the 14th. I'll be slinging GNU/Linux virtual machines for them, and dealing with countless customers all over the country in person to find out how they want their data to be collected and arranged in a massive nationwide migration. It's a huge opportunity, and I can hardly afford not to take it.

I tendered my resignation on Friday, and I talked with my boss today as to the why. I've been going through the paperwork that goes into an amicable graceful separation, and I must say, it's all very exciting. I've also been listening to You're The Voice pretty consistently all morning, so that may also serve to account for my cheeriness.

With the new position comes a much greater structure of responsibility, challenge, time commitment, and scale of pay. I have a lot to live up to, and the new job will take all the ability that I can muster, but I think I'll be very successful in it.

In other news, Jenny and I broke up. I wasn't wild about the idea, and it's been tough since then(about 2 weeks ago). Life goes on, I suppose.

But really, this is a very exhilarating time for me.

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