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9:44 AM, Aug 8, 2004 toot this
Groping Minnesota
Happy birthday to me, as I hang over in Minnesota. I had an excellent time, last night, and the night before, with cousin Vince, and with friends Abby and Amanda. Vince announced last night that he had to "get in early," just before we stayed out until 5:30 in the morning. We had ourselves a new DOTW, which will be up as soon as I get home, and I get the initiative to make it, along with the initiative to fold my week-done laundry, clean my putrid bathroom, and send my brother a care package I owe him.

Vince had to work at 11, this morning, so he dropped me off with Amanda, who's nice enough to drive me to the airport, later on. I hope to make it back to Minnesota again soon, because there seems to be a lot more to see.

So anyway, I guess I'm closer to thirty years old than twenty now.

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