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8:56 AM, Jul 20, 2005 toot this
Tuesday in Portland
Yesterday, I got up, completely un-hungover, as a result of the early beer-light night we had, and walked down to Sisters of the Road, where Mary Kay works as volunteer coordinator, and put food on plates for a couple of hours. They are a great organization, and I wish them all the best. I had a great time volunteering there, and then went upstairs to see that Mary Kay is using Firefox, but unfortunately, is using a computer that is completely inundated with spy/ad/virusware, from before Firefox was installed.

Bear directed me to the Tugboat Brewery, which I was unable to find, so I walked to the Full Sail brewery satellite, way down on the south end of downtown, inside a McCormick and Schmick's. I sat down, had a couple of delicious Full Sail beers, a calamari steak piccata, and read about 70 pages of the new Harry Potter book.

After that, I walked back north to meet Alex at a taproom close to our hotel, called Henry's Tavern, that had over 100 beers on tap. I helped myself, and started slurring directly. Alex arrived, and joined me, before we headed down to 6th, where we picked up the #8 bus to the Northeast, where we were meeting with Mary kay at the Kennedy School for some more microbrew and a salad, conversation, and an all-around enjoyment of the atmosphere, and Portland's fantastic weather.

Tuesday was excellent.


chicus offered:
Have you spent any time watching the Portland Beavers? I've heard they put on a pretty good show and it's probably cheaper than similar activities in KC.

Plus, it's a smaller market so I bet the Beavers are more accessible to spectators and more genial if you see one up close and personal.


1:26 PM, Jul 22, 2005

bahua responded:
I walked by the ballpark, but we never had a chance to hit a game.

11:08 PM, Jul 22, 2005

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