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Nicest Day Since I Can Remember
I handed off the pager to James at work at about 3pm yesterday. With an extra spring in my step from having resolved a number of work-related and personal things that had been picking at me, I left the office at the customary time. I was in a mood such as I had not had the good fortune to enjoy in a longer time than I can currently remember. The weather outside matched my mood. It was beautiful out, and I had no plans.

I wasn't in the mood to hang around the house. I wanted to go out, do things, and see people. As if by providence, I got an IM or a text or something from Geoff suggesting a small outing. For the first time ever, I remembered the code to open the door on his building, and hassled him to get off the phone with people from work. Since getting back from Italy after the wedding, he and Katie have been unwrapping gifts and making a stockpile of shipping materials to remand to the custody of the local recycling authority, and the pile was big last night.

When I hand the pager in, I always feel like a new man, especially when it's nice in Kansas City. And it was really nice out last night. It makes me feel like I have no care in the world to be at large on a beautiful evening in this wonderful city. It was a great pleasure to walk and talk with Geoff, with whom I hadn't spoken in weeks, as we made our way to 13th and Wyandotte to catch the bus down to 51st and Brookside.

We got off the bus and walked a block past scads of oblivious UMKC students to Pizza 51, at 51st and Oak. Neither of us had ever had the Calzones there, so I had one with sausage and feta cheese, and Geoff had one with sausage and garlic. I think they already come with mozzarella and romano. They were perfect. We sat outside talking about nothing in particular, enjoying some fresh greasy calzones, and some freshly-tapped local beer.

After we finished eating we walked up the hill to Main, and watched some Olympic track and field over another round at the Peanut on 50th. With some time to kill between when we drained our glasses and the arrival of the next northbound, we walked down to the plaza from there to wait the remaining ten minutes until the bus arrived.

I turned off my ringer when I went to bed early and slept like a log. Besides a smattering of maintenance work on Saturday night I have nothing planned for this weekend. Sleep, laundry, and more sleep. That's my guess.

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