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10:12 AM, Oct 11, 2023 toot this
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The Psephology Project
I realize I've slowed down over here. The family and I have been busy with stuff, and I should have been keeping this page updated with it. But I've been very busy with a new project. Over at my newly renamed and re-homed Substack my blogging has largely slowed down too. I haven't posted anything out into the ether other than social media nonsense since early August. The reason is because I have instead been working on a new project, and it's mature enough now for me to tell strangers about it. Not that you're a stranger...

It's called the Psephology Project by John Kelly and I hope very much that it can help someone, somewhere. I wrote about it elsewhere too in a format that's a bit friendlier for social media shares.

I will get back to silly personal stuff here soon, but for now, go read about your member of Congress. Here's mine.

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