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2:17 PM, Jul 27, 2006 toot this
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Schlafly APA
It took forever, but we finally killed the keg of Boulevard Pale Ale. This makes me very excited, because I picked up the next keg at Gomer's this afternoon.

I first tried this excellent beer last year, when Schlafly came to town for "Hop in the City," a self-promoting beer festival down in Waldo. Josh joined me, and we both decided that the APA was just wonderful, got drunk from it, and rooted raucously as Notre Dame almost beat USC.

Today, I walked into Midtown's finest liquor store, and Mark helped me out. He even filled out the keg form for me, ensuring that all I have to do is sign and pay. He rang the keg up as $133, and this surprised me. Last week, I was informed on the phone that it'd be $110, so I said so. Without even a blink, he voided the $133 number from the register and punched in $110, saying, "OK, I trust you."

My beer consigliere trusts me.

Anyway, come on over, perhaps tomorrow night, and have some.


bahua responded:
Well that didn't take long. It's gone.

12:00 AM, Jul 30, 2006

Jeff commented:
Heeeeeey Joooooooohn.....

I have to get a keg at Free State tomorrow!! Hey! Ok?!

2:43 AM, Jul 30, 2006

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