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7:14 AM, Apr 24, 2004 toot this
The Garden State
Greetings from Mantua, NJ (a suburb of Philadelphia), where some very generous friends of Geoff are putting us up for a day or two, until we catch our hop back home. The training session was pretty bland, with about three hours out of 40 of those we spent in training actually dedicated to what we do for a living. The part that was really cool was Harrisburg, which was about ten minutes from where we stayed. Their downtown is unbelievable for a city of that size(~50,000), but that topic will be discussed in further detail at a point to be determined.

f you can believe our luck, there is a beer festival here in Philadelphia today. Something like 25 brewers from the immediate region will be here, bent on getting us drunk. There, I have determined, will be the next Draught of the Week.

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carl took the time to say:
Interesting NJ note. Last weekend Dave and I had a conversation with a NJ resident who claimed they had the best sweet corn in the country. That did not sit well with 3 native Iowans. Dave commented "it must be the acid rain" that gave the corn it's flavor and received great commendation from the group for his wit.

8:49 PM, Apr 25, 2004

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